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Airless Spray Gun | airless sprayer equipment & parts

We are Taiwan's No1 brand in manufacturing power sprayer, Spray Guns, Gun Sata, Airless Spray, airless sprayer, Spray Gun, that provides vision based sorting solutions for various applications.


Airless Spray Gun

Spray Gun is mainly applied for car refinishing, House decorating, industrial/construction purpose, tanning, wood working, etc.
Prowin Tools Company's Spray Gun is produced for excellent atomization and pattern; suitable for both oil and water-based paintings. Nozzle and Needle are precisely made of Stainless Steel for superb performances and long life.
Features Description :

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Specification :

Spray Gun's head Ø 11/16"( Ø 17.5mm), Ø 7/8"( Ø 22mm)
Paint Inlet M16×1.5P, 1/4" BSP×19P, 1/4" NPS×18P
Working Pressure 3,000 PSI (210 Bar)
Max. Pressure 5,700 PSI (400 Bar)
Net Weight 528 gs

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